Clay and Colleen Logan

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Learning with Clay Logan

Creating the Perfect Corner

The corner is the most critical point of the run, setting up the way a heeler gets in time with the steer, delivers his rope and stops his horse. Talking about a good corner, though, is a lot easier than achieving one, 

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X Factor Roping Podcast

Clay Logan grew up in a ranching family gathering wild cattle out in Arizona. He spent plenty of time with his father roping and learning the basics of horse care and ranch management.

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Evaluating the horse as an Individual

I’ve had good horses that lacked speed, and the key on them is to make up for it by not missing the barrier. It’s my job as a horseman to set each horse up for success, not failure.

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Total Team Roping

Total Team Roping offers subscription-based team roping video training. What does that mean? That means once you join you have 24/7 VIP access

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